The quinacridones are very intense coloured modern pigments, ranging from yellow-reds through to violet hues. They have excellent lightfastness and have been extensively used in artists’ paints for the last 50 years. Evidence of the quinacridone structure was first uncovered in 1896 but the pigment was not synthesized until 1935. However it took 20 years for any commercial progress to be made. In 1955 DuPont began investigating the quinacridone pigments. It took until 1958 to perfect the synthesis and introduce this new class of pigments into the market place. Quinacridones are considered ‘high performance’ pigments because they have exceptional colour and weather fastness. Major uses for quinacridones include automobile coatings and industrial coatings. For artists, the pigments offer exceptionally clean transparent colours perfect for glazing and secondary colour-mixing without loss of chromatic value.