Made from the fresh husks of walnuts, this ink has been in use since the Middle Ages. A rich velvety brown, it can be darkened by evaporating the liquor:

Fill a container with husks (remove nuts and black wal- nut maggots rst). Cover with distilled water and then put a lid on. Allow to ferment for a minimum of two months.

Strain the ink through a ne cloth. Squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can.

With a dip pen, make a writing sample and note the date. Take note of the strength of the ink. Now allow the ink to evaporate down until it is the strength you want. This can take weeks or months, depending on your quantity and how warm it is. Every so often make another writing sample to see how your ink is doing.

When your ink is dark enough, boil it covered for 10 minutes to kill the ink beasties. Watch it carefully or it will boil over in a huge foamy mess This is a rather smelly process, so ventilate the room. The odour of the ink should improve a little bit with boiling (a little less manurey).